Hello, Duckie! is committed to:

Masks that are:

  • Safe
  • Well-fitting
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to talk in
  • Washable & Reusable

Check out the mask information and care instructions below for more details!

Helping our community:

Profits from Hello, Duckie! are currently being donated to Beyond Hunger.

Donations to date:


Thank you for your support!

Interested in purchasing a mask?

Hello, Duckie! Masks are available for local contactless pickup in Oak Park, Illinois, only.

All masks are $12 each.

Hello, Duckie! masks come in a multitude of fabric patterns in the following sizes:

  • Adult Large
  • Adult Medium
  • Adult Small/Child Large
  • Child Medium

Want to see what masks are currently available for sale? Email me at rachel@rachelhahs.com for more information.

About Hello, Duckie! Masks

I’ve made hundreds of masks since March 2020, donating the vast majority to Chicago Mask Makers. Since that time, I’ve also created/experimented with many different types of masks, and I have settled upon my favorite design for Hello, Duckie! that meets my criteria for what makes a good, safe mask:


All my masks have a filtering layer (nonwoven polypropylene) between two layers of cotton. Similar masks – cotton/polypropylene/cotton – have been rated to have filtration capabilities similar to surgical masks and even an N95! (see video below) I am NOT claiming Hello, Duckie! masks are as good as an N95 but they are good. You can feel the difference.


Hello, Duckie! masks conform to your face to make sure the air you breathe is going through the mask layers, not through gaps around the mask.

  • A piece of elastic at the bottom helps to hold the mask against your face while allowing for flexibility while speaking (no slippage!)
  • A rolled t-shirt lining around the mask helps to close the gaps between your mask and skin
  • A metal nose piece helps to close gaps around your nose
  • A toggle on the elastic allows you to adjust the elastic for a snug fit (After you’re SURE you’ve got it how you want it, you can snip off the extra elastic)


The outline of the masks and ear loops are made with soft cotton t-shirt jersey – most from repurposed t-shirts – to allow for all day comfort. No sore ears! 


This design keeps the fabric away from your lips, making it easier to talk in a clear voice. The fit of the mask also means that it doesn’t slip down your face while you talk, keeping you safe.


Reduce your waste by using reusable masks. All Hello, Duckie! masks are washable and can be ironed on your iron’s low heat setting. (Do not iron on high – the inner filter layer will melt and render your mask useless!)

Mask Care

In my own experience, Hello, Duckie! masks will last a long time with the following easy care instructions:

  • Wash in cold, warm or hot water – any temperature is fine (although most laundry detergents don’t require hot water since it’s more economical and sustainable to wash in cold water)
  • Line dry or dry in the dryer – I haven’t had any trouble drying Hello, Duckie! masks on regular heat in my dryer.
  • If you desire, iron on your low heat settings. Higher iron heat will melt the middle filter layer, rendering your mask useless!

Wondering what kind of mask you need? Check out these helpful links:


Check out the CDC’s recommendations for the types of masks you should look for and how to wear them.


I highly recommend watching this video in which they put many different kinds of masks using the same testing equipment they use for medical grade masks. It’s super helpful in understanding the amount of protection different types of masks and fabrics provide: